vsFIGHTER - hitbox

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vsFIGHTER aims to be a smaller, slimmer, and more customizable than bulky traditional arcade controllers.


  • 16 programmable buttons (12 Cherry MX compatible buttons with Kailh hotswaps and 4 menu/auxiliary tactile buttons)
  • Standard hitbox style spacing and layout with 2U up button
  • USC-C port (cable not include)
  • Open source firmware - *NEW Hybrid firmware with SOCD (neutral, up) and support for PC/Nintendo Switch see https://github.com/FeralAI/vsFIGHTER-Firmware but also supports DaemonBite https://github.com/MickGyver/DaemonBite-Arcade-Encoder
  • QMK support also available 
  • Clear acrylic top plate, supports sandwiched artwork, template on the github
  • Anti-slip foam base

Approximately 8.5" x 5" x .75" (217mm x 127mm x 20mm)

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